Cover Letter代写-求职信代写-代写essay
Cover Letter代写

Cover Letter代写-求职信代写-代写essay

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Cover Letter代写 The Summer Intern position is of great interest to me because of its emphasis on problem solving and client interaction.

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Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I am applying for the Summer Intern position posted with Yale Undergraduate Career Services.  Cover Letter代写

I am currently a junior at Yale, where I am pursuing Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. The Summer Intern position is of great interest to me because of its emphasis on problem solving and client interaction. As is apparent from my transcript, I have great interest in problem solving of all types and have sought out challenging analytical coursework in a variety of departments including mathematics, computer science, and economics. I have also had the opportunity to develop many of the “soft skills” that an analyst needs through my work as a counselor,tutor, and martial arts instructor over the past three years, and through my long tenure with the Boy Scouts,which continues to this day.

Deloitte’s focus on improving client profitability while maintaining integrity and personal values, as well as the firm’s many non-profit clients, leads me to believe that I would enjoy a position with the company. Also,Deloitte’s many offices around the globe open the possibility of working in a variety of exciting and demanding environments worldwide. Though my first preference would be to work in New York, I am also intrigued by the possibility of working in London, Dublin, or Tokyo.

Cover Letter代写
Cover Letter代写

In addition to my coursework I have been involved in analytical research over the course of two separate summer internships.  Cover Letter代写

The first, with the Brain Research Institute at UCLA, involved using computers to examine the human genome. My research scrutinized vast amounts of data looking for unknown genetic sites related to the neurotransmitter protein that my lab studied, gamma amino butyric acid. In the end, I provided statistical proof that all sites related to the processing or production of this protein had been discovered and that the lab could therefore move ahead in its research without fear of missing a piece of the puzzle.

My second research project was conducted through the Yale Computational Linguistics Laboratory and Professor Samual Li. I worked independently over a period of ten weeks, improving a program that I had written during the academic year. The program broke down large written documents, including novels, in order to learn words and functional word-pieces (morphemes) on its own. After reading the text, the program tried to break new words into their functional pieces using what it had learned. By August, my program competed in effectiveness with a similar program developed by tenured professors at Carnegie Mellon University.

I am confident that my quantitative skills will enable me to be extremely effective as a Summer Intern, and am delighted by the prospect of working at a firm as respected as Deloitte. I enclose my résumé and would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss my experience and qualifications, as well as answer any further questions. Thank you for your attention.


Elihu Yale

PO Box 2xxxxx

New Haven, CT 065xx

(555) xxx-xxxx

[email protected]


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