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Assessed Coursework

MATLAB作业代写 Iris is an innovative sampling Fourier-based re-synthesiser. You can input up to 3 waveforms and dissect and process them in many ways.

You should develop an Interactive Fourier-based Synthesiser with gran- ular synthesis capabilities in MATLAB.

The inspiration for the work is a piece of audio software called by Izotope Inc.

Iris is an innovative sampling Fourier-based re-synthesiser. You can input up to 3 waveforms and dissect and process them in many ways. Using Iris’s spectrogram display and easy drawing/selection tools to spotlight the most interesting spectral characteristics you can blend and layer your modified samples with some filters that are unrealisable by standard filter designs. The sounds can then subsequently processed with other audio effects.

Useful web links:

  • Izotope Iris main webpage:

  • Izotope IrisHelp:

  • Izotope Iris VideoTutorials: Izotope Video Guides
  • A10 day trial demo version of Iris is freely available:Iris download page here

Please note that you are only required to create a MATLAB program that emulates the basic spectrogram editing and playback functionality of with some additional additional audio synthesis and processing described below.

Coursework Requirements   MATLAB作业代写

The following basic requirements should be met in order to gain average to good marks:

  • You should implement a method of reading in an input audio file, compute its underlying time-frequency distribution (i.e. short-term Fourier transform) and provide an interactive means of filtering this audio via the editing of its displayed spectrogram.
  • The resulting edited audio then needs to be played back: Playback need only be monophonici.e. it need only be able to play one note of audio at a time. Playback should be able to control:

-the pitch of the audio — the audio pitch should be able to be playbackat a given new pitch but at the same tempo.

-thetempo of the audio — the audio tempo should be able to be playback at a given new tempo but preserving the same pitch.  MATLAB作业代写

  • Implement a basic form of GranularSynthesis:

-If the short-term Fourier transform on a very small sample window then aspects of granular synthesis can be implemented.

-Abasic description of short-term granular synthesis is discussed in the  However, you expected to read around an develop a more in-depth and thorough understanding of granular synthesis as part of this coursework exercise.

*The lecture notes reference some basic Granular Synthesis code (which you could build upon and enhance) and also demo some Granular synthesisers (publicly and commercially available)

Another example of a commercial Granular Synthesiser is:

  • In addition you should provide some additional audioprocessing:  MATLAB作业代写

-You should implement some form of volume shaping or envelope shaping to control or modulate the basic sounds produced.

-You should provide TWO additional audio effects that are ap- pliedto the newly synthesised waveforms to provide a wider sound palette. The obvious example here would be some form of equal- isation, chorus/phaser/flanger or reverb, although other forms of processing could be provided — you may utilise example audio effect code supplied in lectures and labs for this task.

The playback of audio DOES NOT have to operate in real time – you can read the data in, generate/process the audio and then play the output, much like the demo MATLAB programs in the lec- tures/tutorials.

  • Your basic system need not have an advanced GUI (nothing aselabo-rate as is expected!). You could satisfy all the requirements with a minimal GUI to display the audio/spectrogram and allow basic inter- active editing.

-It is recommend that you use MATLAB’s GUIDE environment to create your GUI.  MATLAB作业代写

  • Your synthesis/effects pipeline for generating sounds to output can be fixed, i.e. the order of processing elements can be a series of processes that are hard wired in the MATLAB code.

In order to gain higher marks you need to think of adding TWO novel extensions or additional features. There are endless possibilities here and you are encouraged to think of your own extensions. Here are a few suggestions:  MATLAB作业代写

  • Like Iris, you could provide multi-layer sample playback using more than one audio source.
  • You could provide advanced playback functionality to allow for looping of sections of audio, reversing sections of audio etc.
  • You could implement some additional digital audio effects to the output synthesised notes — You should not re-use any audio code supplied in lectures or labs to satisfy this sub-task.
  • Provide a user-friendly editor for the audio and/or to enter musical data.

-GUI elements to control the synthesis, filtering/modulation,ef- fects and sound output may be provided.  MATLAB作业代写

  • Provide support for polyphonic output.
  • Provide MIDI support for data input.
  • Provide additional methods of digital synthesis. Furthermore you could offer a hybrid synthesis approach where more than one mode of syn-thesis is used at one time to produce musical notes.

-g. Additive Synthesis, FMSynthesis.

  • A modular synthesis/effects approach may be developed where the sound generation and subsequent processing pipeline (order of synthe-sis/effects) is not static and can be configured at runtime or within the running MATLAB code.

Demonstrating your system  MATLAB作业代写

You will be required to demonstrate your final system to the lab tutor in order to verify the extent to which the programs work according to specifi-cation. The tutor is only guaranteed to be available to sign at Multimedia Laboratory Sessions.

For the demo you need only play a short number of sounds/notes. This will be enough to demonstrate that you can make interesting atmospheric and/or musical sounds!

If you have any additional features in your system, you should demon- strate how they work and that they function accordingly.

Keeping the Noise Down in the Labs

Please remember to use headphones when developing your system in the lab: you may bring your own headphones or they can be supplied by the tutor


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