Introduction to Combinatorics代写 – 组合数学导论代写 – MAT344H1S代写

Introduction to Combinatorics代写 – 组合数学导论代写 – MAT344H1S代写

 MAT344H1S Introduction to Combinatorics

Final Assignment

 (to be submitted on Crowdmark)



Introduction to Combinatorics代写 This assessment is subject to the University of Toronto Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, available at: https···


Rules: Introduction to Combinatorics代写

This assessment is subject to the University of Toronto Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, available at: policies/code-behaviour-academic-matters-july-1-2019

It is your responsibility to be familiar and follow this code (in particular, see Section B1). In addition, this assessment is subject to the following rules:

a.You may use all official course material, i.e. your lecture and tutorial notes, he videos, slides and other notes posted on our Quercus page, the textbook, the pre- vious assignments in our course and their posted solutions. You may also use your own term work.

b.Any aid or resource (online or offline) other than those authorized above are not permitted.

c.During the assessment period do not communicate about the questions or mate- rial on the assessment with any person other than a MAT344 course instructor.

d.Donot post the questions or answers to them anywhere online or  Every single paper will be investigated. And cases of academic misconduct will be reported. Every year a handful of students are reported to OSAI (Office of Student Aca- demic Integrity) and receive various penalties, which may range from an F in the course to expulsion from the University.


Instructions:  Introduction to Combinatorics代写

 a.You must complete and sign the Honour Pledge on the next page before you start working on the assessment. After you finish working on the assessment, you must complete and sign the Declaration Form provided on the last page of the as- sessment. The Honour Pledge and Declaration Form must be submitted (together with the rest of the assessment) before the deadline. The assessment will be con- sidered as not submitted if the Honour Pledge or Declaration Form is missing (or is not completed and signed).

b.The Honour Pledge, Declaration Form, and your answer to each question are to be uploaded separately on Crowdmark before the deadline. In case of technical issues, you must submit these by email to one of the course instructors before the deadline. If you are sending your solutions to a course instructor, please only attach one file per question (JPEG or PDF).

Honour Pledge  Introduction to Combinatorics代写

 I pledge to honour myself and my community by assuring that the work I do on this assessment fully represents my own knowledge and ideas. I pledge to fully adhere to the University of Toronto Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters and the rules listed on the cover page of this assessment.

Introduction to Combinatorics代写
Introduction to Combinatorics代写


Note: All claims (including answers to questions starting with “determine” or “find”) must be justified . Answers without or with wrong justification will not be given any credit.


  1. (6 points) A graph G is defined as follows: the set of vertices of G is the set of allsequences of length 4 in {1, 2, 3} (thus G has 34 = 81 vertices). Two vertices of G are adjacent if and only if the two sequences differ in exactly one position. So for instance, 1123 and 1323 are adjacent, whereas 1123 and 2223 are
    • Determineif G is
    • Findthe chromatic number of G.
  2. (5points) Let G be the same graph as in the previous
    • Find the numberof edges of G.
    • Determineif G is

Find a non-recursive formula for an. (Your formula may involve a sum of terms the number of which depends on n.)

Declaration Form  Introduction to Combinatorics代写

 Congratulations – you have made it to the end of your assessment for this course!We hope that you feel proud of the work that you did here because you know that it was your own and no one else’s. Please know that all suspected cases of academic dishonesty will be investigated following the procedures outlined in the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. If you have violated that Code or other rules of this assessment mentioned on the cover page, admitting it now will significantly reduce any penalty you incur. Admitting your mistakes is as much a matter of pride as never making them from the beginning. Thus, please check the appropriate statement below and complete the rest of the form.

Q I confirm that the work I have done here is my own and no one else’s, and is in line with the principles of scholarship and the University of Toronto Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, and with the rules given on the cover page of this assessment.

Q I regret that I violated the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters or other rules of this assessment and would like to admit that now so that I can take responsibility for my mistake.

I confirm that my response here is an accurate and true representation of my behaviour, knowing that by signing this declaration untruthfully I will incur an even greater penalty if it is later discovered that I have cheated or behaved dishonestly on this assessment.

Signature Date  Introduction to Combinatorics代写


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