Final Project代写 – proposal代写 –  Homework代写 – 机器学习算法代写
Final Project代写

Final Project代写 – proposal代写 – Homework代写 – 机器学习算法代写

Homework Number 6 


Final Project代写 our Final Project Proposal should consist of 2–4 pages showing that your final project is plausible and showing that you have begun ···


Your Final Project Proposal should consist of 2–4 pages showing that your final project is plausible and showing that you have begun working on it. This will give me time to give you feedback and help make your final project successful.

For more details about the final project, see the final project talk and on the final project website.

The proposal should include: Final Project代写

1.A problem statement or introduction, indicating what motivates the work you are describing: the research question you are investigating, the purpose of the algorithm you are implementing, etc. I strongly suggest keeping this short.At the proposal stage, the details of what you plan to do are extremely important for determining how feasible your prposal is. So it is a mistake to place to much of an emphasis on the motivation, at the prposal stage.  Final Project代写

2.Discuss (parts of) 3 (or more) articles related to your topic from NLP conference, journal or workshop. For multiple person projects, each student should pick different papers, choose more than 3 papers. For 2 person projects, pick 4 papers; For 3 person papers, choose 5 papers and for 4 person projects, choose 6 papers (4 is the maximum number of partners)…

1.I recommend searching the ACL database to find suitable papers. Final Project代写

The url is: of the relevant workshops, conferences and journals are indexed here. Other specialized conferences and workshops (not listed in the Anthology) include:

a.Machine translation conferences. And journals run by The European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT), the International Associtation for Machine Translation in America (IAMT) and its American chapter (AMTA)

b.NLP-related “special interest groups” of ACM and other CS organizations, e.g., SIGIRSIGAI (aka SIGART)ACL has a listing of related websites here:

2.Warning: Nonacademic, news and business articles do not count for this requirement. I have found that non-NLP sources often publish studies of questionable value for NLP. For example, business articles are more likely to use improper experimental methodology than NLP articles.

3.For each article, answer the question: How does each article relate to your proposed research?

a.Related or competing techniques.  Final Project代写

b.Related or alternative evaluation methods, e.g., you are using their evaluation data so you can compare your results to theirs.

c.Same, related or contrastive task definition and/or data.


 Final Project代写
Final Project代写

3.A Strategy for Solving the Problem. Final Project代写

This can be different depending on the type of final project you choose to do, as indicated:<

1.System Project: Your algorithm and how you plan to implement and test it. Include both a simple version that you are confident you can complete before the deadline and a more elaborate version that you want to implement if you have time. You can implement existing algorithms or modifications of existing algorithms. Also include simple baselines that your system should be able to beat. For example, if your system is classifying documents, you should test if it meets the baseline “Always pick the most frequent classification.”

2.Resource Creation  Final Project代写

a.Annotation Project: Initial specifications, a small amount of annotation (e.g., 1 page), and a plan on how to achieve a modest amount of high-quality annotation.

b.Lexicon Project: initial specifications, a small number of lexical entries, a word list or method for deriving word list, method for deriving dictionary (manual, automatic, semi-automatic)

        3.Evaluation ProjectWhat you plan to read  Final Project代写

What programs you plan to download and test; what evaluation metrics you plan to use (and why); if you are planning on designing a new metric, explain this; if you are looking for some patterns in the evaluation data, explain this; explain if you believe that some metrics may favor certain systems over others; or if you believe certain metrics will be more effective than others; or if you believe that different metrics test for different qualities; etc.

a.List all members of the team and indicate what aspects of the project each member will be responsible for. NYUClasses does not have an easy way to handle group submissions. Please submit the proposal once for everyone and we will count it as part of each of your homework averages.

b.If you are working on a pipeline style architecture (output of system X is the input of system X+1), it is possible to develop each system independently based on sample input and output files (or “gold” data). It is important to figure out a good way to work together.

c.There is a maximum of 4 members for any group project unless there is a compelling reason why you need more than 4 people. An alternative to a large group project is to have 2 “competing” groups that are working on the same problem.

Competing Projects

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